New NFIB Ads In New Hampshire and Iowa Urge Members of Congress To Vote Against Tax Hikes On Small Businesses

Date: September 23, 2021

NFIB Launches a Multi-State Ad Campaign Beginning In Iowa and New Hampshire

Small businesses and family farms are the backbone of America’s Main Streets and communities, but right now politicians in Washington, D.C. are considering trillions in new spending that would be paid for by devastating tax hikes on those same small businesses and farms – even as they struggle to emerge from the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Washington is proposing significant tax rate increases and the elimination of critical tax provisions that small businesses now desperately need to reopen, rebuild, and grow. The next few weeks are crucial, and a single member of Congress could be the deciding vote. That’s why today in the fight for the interests of small businesses, NFIB launched a multi-state advertising campaign on radio, in newspapers, and online urging members of Congress in Iowa and New Hampshire to vote no on any new taxes for small business.

Listen to the New Hampshire radio ad here:


Listen to the Iowa radio ad here:

Your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators need to hear from you on how your small business would be impacted by the crushing tax increases being considered in Congress. Even if your members of Congress have already voiced opposition to these tax hikes, they need to hear your stories to reinforce why their opposition is absolutely crucial. Our Take Action system makes it easy to customize your message when you tell Congress to vote no on any small business tax increases.  


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