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  • State Director Andy Markowski hosted State Rep. Steve Weir for an informative discussion of small business challenges in this economy and from the Connecticut Legislature. Did You Miss NFIB's Virtual Legislative Briefing on CT Labor Issues and Other Threats? Here Is the Recording. Read Full Article
  • “Today's disheartening vote makes plain that too many lawmakers in Hartford do not comprehend or care whether their actions add to the costs and administrative burdens the state places on Connecticut's small businesses.” NFIB Reacts to Connecticut House Vote to Expand Costly Employer Paid Leave Mandate on Small Businesses Read Full Article
  • "Expanding mandated employer paid sick leave will add considerable costs to the state's already overburdened small businesses during an onerous time for Connecticut's Main Street economy. These bills would expand Connecticut’s mandated employer-paid sick leave laws to all small businesses regardless of size or industry and expand the circumstances and relationships for which employees can take paid leave, among other significant changes.” NFIB Reacts to Legislative Hearing on Bills to Expand Employer Paid Leave Mandates on Small Businesses Read Full Article
  • "NFIB strongly agrees with the need for sound budgeting and stability, and to that end it is vital that the legislature follows Gov. Lamont’s lead and adheres to the fiscal guardrails that are in place." NFIB Welcomes Gov. Lamont's State of the State Address, Urges Legislative Focus on Fiscal Stability and Regulatory Predictability Read Full Article
  • Learn about the important dates, requirements, and compliance issues for Connecticut's state mandated retirement program. Did You Miss NFIB Connecticut's Virtual Event on the Read Full Article
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