IF Obamacare is Working, Certify It!

Certify It

  • Treasury and IRS are creating new certification requirements on small business owners through the regulatory process, without the ability to challenge or comment on the regulations.
  • Within the regulations, Treasury and IRS claim that increased health insurance costs, compliance costs, and/or penalties are not a bona fide business reason for business owner to make personnel decisions.
  • This new certification requirement sets a dangerous precedent for Treasury and the IRS to tell small-business owners how they can run their business.
  • Premiums continue to increase for small business and Obamacare is contributing significantly to the premium increases.
  • Obamacare was advertised as a positive to small-business owners, with claims of lowering health insurance costs and increasing health insurance options.
  • The promoted benefits to small businesses – the temporary and targeted small business health insurance tax credit and small business exchange – have woefully underperformed and run into delays and technical problems.
  • The federal government should certify that Obamacare is not having a negative economic impact on small businesses, not the other way around. If the federal government certifies that the law is having a negative impact on businesses, the employer mandate would be delayed for an additional year.

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