Don’t let Sacramento turn out the lights

Devastating, unworkable regulatory plans underway by the California Air Resources Board

California is on the brink of implementing devastating regulations that will push for zero carbon emissions by 2045 or even sooner if the governor and environmental justice groups get their way.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) is tasked with the rollout of devastating new regulations. The board will host a series of public meetings in the coming weeks to hear public comments on the plan. To make your voice heard, please register to attend and submit your comments, here.

Some of the most concerning impacts of CARB’s plan will affect businesses, homes, and communities. They include:

  • The scoping plan will lead to at least 80,000 job losses and $18 billion in costs.

  • By 2030, bundled residential rates are forecasted to be approximately 40% (PG&E), 20% (SCE), and 70% (SDG&E) higher than normal inflation.

  • Forcing zero-emissions vehicles (ZEV) on everyone and every industry is harmful to the economy and ultimately will reduce California’s economic output by more than $22 billion.

  • The plan only focuses on one technology – electrification — which has proven to be costly and less reliable.

  • The State’s energy agencies have just issued a warning that the state’s electrical grid lacks sufficient capacity to keep the lights on this summer and beyond if heatwaves and wildfire threats continue.

NFIB California has produced this one-page document of bulleted information highlighting the magnitude of what the Scoping Plan would do. It has a link to another one-page document published by

Make Your Voice Heard

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in a CARB 2022 Scoping Plan Listening Session near you. Follow the links below to register, submit your comments and participate in-person in your area.

Tuesday, August 9, 2022
Virtual Listening Session

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