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Bill loves bacon. Probably even more than you do. So he decided to turn his passion for making bacon into a business. The idea of bringing what he loved to his community was exciting at first. But, as Bill’s Bacon grew beyond the farmer’s market, he knew he needed help. Bill hired a few employees and began to sell his bacon at several locations in town. 

Bill quickly realized that he wasn’t prepared for all the challenges that come with running a business. Healthcare, taxes, and regulations seemed stacked against small business. Bill turned to NFIB.  He became a member and discovered a like-minded community of small business owners.  NFIB advocated on his behalf at the statehouse and in Washington, D.C. 

With NFIB at his side, Bill started a whole new chapter of his bacon business, taking advantage of discounts on products and services he already used, including personal and commercial insurance, and putting NFIB’s expert business advice into practice.

Join Bill and the rest of NFIB’s 325,000 members today! And you will never be alone in the fight for small business.


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