Presidential Teleforum Series

Presidential teleforum with NFIBThe 2016 Presidential TeleForum Series is here!

NFIB members, don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to interview the presidential candidates in both parties for the most important job in the country.

Carly Fiorina most recently joined the TeleForum.
Carly Fiorina NFIB

NFIB, along with select national business associations, will host a series of presidential town hall-style TeleForums where the leading candidates in both parties may talk directly to small business owners like you about their plans for the economy.

This is the candidates’ opportunity to explain to you their views on taxes, labor regulations, environmental rules and other issues that will affect your business. More importantly, this is your chance to compare the candidates, ask them questions and focus the political conversation on issues that are important to your business.

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Carly Fiorina participated in the TeleForum on Jan. 7
NFIB members (only) can listen to the Fiorina TeleForum now.

Governor John Kasich participated in the TeleForum on Dec. 10.
NFIB members (only) can listen to the Kasich TeleForum now.

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz participated in the TeleForum on Dec. 2.
NFIB members (only) can listen to the Cruz TeleForum now.

Governor Jeb Bush participated in the TeleForum on Nov. 17.
NFIB members (only) can listen to the Bush TeleForum now.

U.S. Senator Marco Rubio kicked off the TeleForum on Nov. 4.
NFIB members (only) can listen to the Rubio TeleForum now.

Invited candidates include, in alphabetical order:


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