West Virginia Small Business Issues


  • Small Business Challenges in West Virginia
    Stand with legislators who introduce right-to-work bills
    NFIB will stand with legislators who are standing up for a friendlier business climate. We believe West Virginia has the people and the resources to be a great business state, but we must have a legal structure that attracts both start-ups and those looking to re-locate in order to create jobs and spur our economy.
    Oppose mandatory paid sick leave
    We will continue to monitor attempts to require employers to grant paid sick leave to their employees. We believe that small employers are more apt to be flexible with their employees and that government should not mandate benefits.

    Prevent a tax increase on small business
    We must be vigilant to ensure that the state does not over-extend itself and place the burden on the backs of our members.

    Stop any proposed health insurance mandates
    Mandates drive up the cost of health insurance for everyone while helping only a few. Health insurance is already out of reach for many small businesses. We'll oppose any efforts to force employers to cover specific conditions or treatments.

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