Tennessee Small Business Victories


  • 2015 Tennessee Small Business Victories
    Here's a look at some of NFIB/Tennessee's legislative victories:

    State death tax gone for good in 2016
    Tennessee's harmful death tax will go away completely in 2016, a savings of up to 9.5% on the estates of many family-run businesses and farms. Its ongoing phase out and repeal was a huge NFIB priority, along with repeal of the state’s gift tax.

    Unemployment reform provides relief
    Tennessee employers are paying significantly lower unemployment premiums as a result of NFIB-supported reforms in 2012 and 2013. Qualifying seasonal employers should be able to eliminate many frustrating claims beginning July 1, 2016. Outcomes for businesses in contested cases have improved because of a stronger misconduct definition.

    Workers’ comp reforms mean savings
    NFIB helped pass bipartisan legislation that completely overhauled our broken workers' compensation system. Average rates have dropped more than 21% the last two years, with more relief expected. Under the 2014 law, cases must be settled in a new administrative system that eliminates races to the courthouse and sharpens the focus to settle a claim promptly.  

    Tennessee passes balanced budget amendment resolution
    NFIB was the only business group advocating for a resolution that authorizes Tennessee’s participation in a limited convention of the states for the sole purpose of proposing a federal balanced budget amendment. As of May 2015, Tennessee is one of 27 states to pass a resolution; 34 states must agree to call the convention and propose an amendment; 38 states must vote to ratify

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