North Carolina Small Business Issues


  • Are Your Representatives Fighting the Latest Obamacare Penalty?Tell Congress to protect small businesses from the latest catastrophic Internal Revenue Service penalties created in the healthcare law.

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  • Protect Your Business from Hefty Obamacare FinesIf you reimburse your employees for healthcare, new IRS penalties could be coming for you.

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  • Challenges Facing NFIB/North Carolina
    Reinstate Tax Deduction
    Get legislature to reinstate the tax deduction on the first $50,000 of income of businesses grossing $400,000 or less.
    Stop efforts for Tax on Services
    Continue to fight any proposals to place a sales tax on additional services.
    Stalled proposals for Minimum Wage Increase and Paid Sick Leave
    • Increased minimum wages and paid sick leave will cause small business owners to cut jobs and reduce employee work hours.
    • NFIB continues to oppose any efforts to make any changes to the minimum wage or paid sick leave.

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