New Hampshire Small Business Issues


  • NFIB/NH Urges Senate to Vote "No" on Minimum Wage ThursdayDirector Bruce Berke today urged state senators to stand up to the political fashion police and vote against a bill that would raise the minimum wage by 24 percent.

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  • Workers Comp PaymentsA bill to increase workers compensation payments and therefore increase the cost of workers compensation premiums passed the House but so far has been slowed in the Senate. NFIB is opposing this additional cost of doing business and is working towards killing this in the Senate.

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  • BET ThresholdsHB 154 will increase the threshold amounts for taxation under the business enterprise tax. Current law requires any business having annual gross business receipts in excess of $150,000 or an enterprise value tax base greater than $75,000 to file a business enterprise tax return. HB 154 will increase the threshold for gross business receipts to $200,000 and the enterprise value tax base to $100,000.

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  • Reasonable CompensationSB 125 would simplify this issue and says that once a business owner proves that at least one or more of the partners provided actual services to the business, the amount they claim as compensation shall be presumed reasonable, and that the burden of proving otherwise shall be on the Department of Revenue.

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