Georgia Small Business Issues


  • Issues Facing Georgia Small Businesses in 2015
    • Elimination of the State Income Tax: NFIB supports proposed legislation to amend Georgia’s Constitution; cap and phase out the state income tax over a period of time.  The income tax is one of the top state competitiveness issues for small business in Georgia.
    • Fighting Costly Health Insurance Mandates: Each year we fight efforts to increase mandated benefits on small business insurance plans that reduce flexibility and increase cost for business owners and their employees.
    • Junk Lawsuit Abuse Reform. NFIB/Georgia supports legislation to help cut down on the number of junk and frivolous lawsuits filed against small business.  We will advocate for legislation that ensures a fair and predictable legal climate for small business.
    • Finding a long-term solution to the state’s unemployment problem. NFIB/Georgia will continue to promote and advocate for policies that help Georgians get back to work.  We also must address the dire fiscal situation facing the state’s unemployment trust fund while protecting small business from exorbitant tax increases.

    Updated June 20, 2013

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