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  • New Overtime Rule Adds Costs to Small Businesses and Hurts WorkersFree Webinar: Learn what your business needs to do to comply with the new overtime rule from guest speaker Tammy McCutchen, a principal at Littler Mendelson and leading authority on federal and state wage-hour laws and prevailing wage laws.

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  • Congress Is Considering Legislation to Stop New Overtime RuleYou can help! Encourage your representatives to co-sponsor legislation to protect small business and their employees from the burdensome overtime rule proposed by the Department of Labor.

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  • Issues Facing Georgia Small Businesses

    Here are some of the issues NFIB/Georgia will be facing in the 2016 General Assembly:

    Fight costly health insurance mandates 
    NFIB will continue to fight efforts to increase mandated benefits on small business insurance plans that reduce flexibility and increase cost for business owners and their employees.

    Stop proposed wage and benefit increases
    NFIB is committed to stop any one-size-fits all government mandated proposed increases in minimum wage or mandated sick leave at the state level.

    Beat back trial lawyers attempts to expose small business to frivolous lawsuits
    NFIB will continue to fight efforts by plaintiff’s attorneys at the Gold Dome to open new avenues for lawsuits or erode important civil justice protections that could lead to more costly and unnecessary lawsuits against small employers.

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  • Are Your Representatives Fighting the Latest Obamacare Penalty?Tell Congress to protect small businesses from the latest catastrophic Internal Revenue Service penalties created in the healthcare law.

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  • Protect Your Business from Hefty Obamacare FinesIf you reimburse your employees for healthcare, new IRS penalties could be coming for you.

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