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    Lemonade Day

    Many of today’s job-creators got their start with lemonade stands. And that’s why the NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation is asking YOU to support the next generation by pledging to purchase a glass of lemonade to support.

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    NFIB Collaborates with Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work

    Do you want to introduce young people to the idea of small business ownership? Download the FREE curriculum to make the day engaging, educational, and fun for both students and employees.

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    The Updated Entrepreneur in the Classroom Curriculum is Here!

    Free high school curriculum with lesson plans and PowerPoint presentations. The updated curriculum includes even more interactive and hands on activities, including new media components to engage high school students in entrepreneurship edu

NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation

NFIB’s Young Entrepreneur Foundation promotes entrepreneurship through scholarship programs, classroom games and teacher and student programs.

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