Alabama Small Business Issues


  • Protect Your Business from Hefty Obamacare FinesIf you reimburse your employees for healthcare, new IRS penalties could be coming for you.

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  • Issues Facing NFIB/Alabama
    Stop all efforts to tax services and labor
    NFIB is opposed to all efforts to implement new taxes on services and labor in the state.
    ?Elimination of the Business Personal Property Tax
    NFIB is working to eliminate the business personal property tax paid on equipment, furniture, and other items they use to run their businesses everyday.
    Pass Legislation to Help Small Businesses Save Time and Money
    • NFIB is working to pass legislation that will increase the small claims court limit to $6,000, giving small business another avenue to reclaim revenue and losses without hiring an attorney.
    • Pass legislation that would allow for a state delivery license making local and county delivery licenses obsolete.

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