Small Business Guide to Handling OSHA Inspections

Small Business Guide to
Handling OSHA Inspections

The NFIB Small Business Legal Center and Arent Fox, PLLC, have teamed together to create a guide that helps small business prepare for OSHA inspections and avoid citations. The handbook provides information about communicating and negotiating with OSHA and lists the type of information you will need for your inspection. The guide should not be considered a substitute for legal advice.

Download the OSHA Inspection Guide
Download the OSHA guide

In this OSHA guide you’ll learn:

Why is OSHA inspecting you?

  • Should you have an attorney?
  • The importance of preparing

Step 1: Preparing for the inspection

  • Why prepare?
  • The employer’s inspection goals
  • Questions to consider in preparation
  • Should an employer demand an inspection warrant?
  • Should an employer designate a principal contact for an OSHA inspection?

Step 2: Negotiating ground rules in the opening conference

Step 3: Conducting the walk-around tour

Step 4: Gathering the information

Step 5: Communicating with OSHA

Step 6: Avoiding citations during post-inspection procedures

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