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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates in Your State

Please see below for the most up to date information from the governor’s office and various state agencies regarding COVID-19 orders that impact small businesses.

Governor Roy Cooper (D) has taken executive action that will do the following:

  • Declares a state of emergency. The order prohibits price gouging. The order suspends and waives transportation requirements.
  • Waives the maximum hours of service for drivers if the driver is transporting medical supplies and other needed equipment.
  • Encourages the Attorney General to use all resources available to monitor reports of abusive trade practices including price gouging.
  • Prohibits utility shut-offs, late fees, and reconnection fees. The order encourages telecommunications providers, banks, and mortgage services to provide assistance and flexibility to customers. It provides guidance on restrictions and evictions.
  • Expedites processing of unemployment insurance claims by expanding availability of an attached claim process.
  • Allows businesses flexibility to make payments that assist their employees during the pandemic.
  • Announces that the state will enter Phase 2 of the reopening plan on May 22. Mass gathering limits in Phase 2 will be no more than 10 people indoors or 25 people outdoors in most circumstances. Certain businesses will be open at limited capacity with other requirements and recommendations. This phase will run through June 26, at least. Restaurants may open for on-premise dining at 50% capacity and under safety protocols including but not limited to implementing social distancing measures; disinfecting during peak times; conducting employee screenings; and more. Workers are encouraged but not required to wear face coverings. Personal care, grooming, and tattoo businesses may reopen at 50% capacity and under safety protocols including but not limited to requiring employees to wear face coverings; conducting employee screenings; implementing social distancing measures; and more. Indoor and outdoor pools may reopen at 50% capacity and under safety protocols. Drive-in movies will not be prohibited under the mass gatherings provision (10 indoors and 25 outdoors) if people stay in vehicles. Retail businesses allowed to open in Phase 1 (EO No. 138) at 50% capacity will continue at that level. An entertainment or sporting venue with at least two entrances and exits and a stated fire capacity of at least five hundred (500) may hold a performance by entertainers, performers, or athletes under strict protocols. This order keeps entertainment and fitness facilities such as bowling alleys; theaters; skating rinks; indoor gyms; museums; gaming establishments; bars; nightclubs; and the like closed.
  • Extends the prohibitions of utility shut-offs through July 29. This new order amends No. 124 by stating that in the event a utility service provider and customer are unable to agree on the duration of an extended repayment plan, the default repayment period shall be six {6) months. The order also prohibits residential and commercial evictions through June 20. Commercial Landlords shall not assess upon their Commercial Tenants interest, late fees, or other penalties for late payment or nonpayment of rent.

Regulatory actions are being compiled. Please check back shortly.

Additional COVID-19 Small Business Updates and Resources

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