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  • NFIB will fight all attempts to implement mandatory paid leave policies in New Hampshire. Granite state Small businesses simply cannot afford costly one-size-fits-all policies like paid leave. Time-off is something best left between employers and employees and not lawmakers in Concord. Mandatory Paid Leave Read Full Article
  • An initiative banning employers from asking on a job application whether or not someone has a criminal history was introduced in NH this year. Again, NFIB has been leading the charge against this anti-employer legislation. Ban the Box Read Full Article
  • Two different bills have been introduced in the House and Senate in 2016 to increase the minimum wage.To date, we have been successful in killing the Senate proposal. The House bill is pending. In both Chambers, NFIB has been leading the fight against these job killers. Minimum Wage Read Full Article
  • Director Bruce Berke today urged state senators to stand up to the political fashion police and vote against a bill that would raise the minimum wage by 24 percent. NFIB/NH Urges Senate to Vote Read Full Article
  • A bill to increase workers compensation payments and therefore increase the cost of workers compensation premiums passed the House but so far has been slowed in the Senate. NFIB is opposing this additional cost of doing business and is working towards killing this in the Senate. Workers Comp Payments Read Full Article
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