Small Business PAC Endorses 44 State Legislative Candidates

Date: July 17, 2022

Mix of incumbents and challengers earn pre-Primary Election backing from NFIB

OLYMPIA, Wash., July 18, 2022—The political action committee for Washington state’s leading small-business association today announced its pre-Primary Election endorsements for seats in the state Senate and House of Representatives.

In all, the NFIB Washington PAC made 44 endorsements of candidates that included NFIB members (denoted by asterisk below), incumbents, and challengers to incumbents, including a few familiar faces looking for a return to Olympia.

“In the wake of government-mandated pandemic restrictions from an unending ‘state of emergency’ that shuttered thousands of small businesses – many permanently – and legislation imposing enormous new energy and transportation costs that are hindering Main Street’s economic recovery, it is essential voters know which lawmakers truly stand with small business based on their actions, not just hollow campaign promises,” said Patrick Connor, Washington state director for the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).

“These incumbents and former state legislators earned our endorsement for taking tough votes supporting small business, even when big government, big labor, or big businesses demanded otherwise. We are proud to stand with them now, in this election, as they stood with small business during recent legislative sessions,” Connor added.

Research shows voters prefer small business backed candidates to those supported by organized labor or other groups.

Today’s endorsed candidates are:

  • LD-02, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Andrew Barkis*
  • LD-02, House, Pos. 2 Rep. J.T. Wilcox*
  • LD-04, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Rob Chase
  • LD-05, House, Pos. 2 former Rep. Chad Magendanz
  • LD-06, Senate Sen. Jeff Holy
  • LD-06, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Mike Volz
  • LD-06, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Jenny Graham
  • LD-07, Senate Sen. Shelly Short
  • LD-07, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber
  • LD-07, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Joel Kretz
  • LD-08, Senate Rep. Matt Boehnke
  • LD-09, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Mary Dye
  • LD-09, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Joe Schmick*
  • LD-10, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Greg Gilday*
  • LD-12, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Keith Goehner*
  • LD-12, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Mike Steele
  • LD-13, Senate Sen. Judy Warnick*
  • LD-13, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Tom Dent*
  • LD-13, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Alex Ybarra
  • LD-14, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Chris Corry
  • LD-14, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Gina Mosbrucker
  • LD-15, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Bruce Chandler
  • LD-16, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Mark Klicker
  • LD-16, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Skyler Rude
  • LD-17, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Paul Harris*
  • LD-19, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Jim Walsh
  • LD-19, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Joel McEntire
  • LD-20, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Peter Abbarno
  • LD-20, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Ed Orcutt
  • LD-25, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Kelly Chambers*
  • LD-25, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Cyndy Jacobsen
  • LD-26, Senate Rep. Jesse Young
  • LD-26, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Michelle Caldier
  • LD-30, Senate former Rep. Linda Kochmar
  • LD-31, Senate Sen. Phil Fortunato
  • LD-31, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Drew Stokesbary
  • LD-31, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Eric Robertson
  • LD-35, Senate Rep. Drew MacEwen*
  • LD-35, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Dan Griffey
  • LD-39, House, Pos. 1 Rep. Robert Sutherland
  • LD-39, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Carolyn Eslick
  • LD-42, Senate Sen. Simon Sefzik
  • LD-44, House, Pos. 1 former Rep. Mark Harmsworth
  • LD-45, House, Pos. 2 Rep. Larry Springer

The NFIB WA PAC will make further endorsements after the August 2 Primary. Early voting begins July 15.

Contact: Patrick Connor, Washington State Director, [email protected] or
Tony Malandra, Senior Media Manager, [email protected]

Keep up with the latest Washington state small-business news at or by following NFIB on Twitter @NFIB_WA or on Facebook @NFIB.WA


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It is essential voters know which lawmakers truly stand with small business based on their actions, not just hollow campaign promises.

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