NFIB PA PAC Endorses Candidates for State House and Senate

Date: September 13, 2022

State’s leading small business advocacy organization supports candidates who support small business


HARRISBURG, PA (September 13, 2022) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), the Commonwealth’s leading small business advocacy association, today announced that its Pennsylvania PAC has endorsed a slate of candidates for election to the state House and Senate.

State legislative endorsements are decided by the NFIB PA PAC Board, which is made up exclusively of small business owners. The PAC endorses candidates based on their positions on key small-business issues, including taxes, labor mandates, regulatory reform, health care, economic development, and other general business climate matters impacting the cost of doing business in Pennsylvania. Legislative endorsements where there is an incumbent are based on the 2021-22 NFIB Vote Record. Legislators must have a score of 70 percent or better to be considered for an endorsement.

NFIB’s 2021-22 Pennsylvania Voting Record scored 16 key votes in the General Assembly on issues of critical importance to the state’s small businesses, including tax relief and reform, regulatory relief, the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) scheme, and COVID-19 recovery efforts.

“Our members and the small business community must support legislators and candidates who will support Pennsylvania’s job creators and our local economies with their votes, not just with election-season rhetoric,” said Greg Moreland, NFIB’s Pennsylvania State Director. “As Main Street continues to face unprecedented workforce, supply chain, and inflation challenges and economic uncertainty, it is more apparent than ever that small business owners need lawmakers who will stand up for them in the General Assembly.”

“The endorsed candidates announced today will be strong advocates for small business and will fight for the rights of our members to own, operate, and grow their businesses,” continued Moreland. “These candidates are committed to making Pennsylvania a better place to raise a family and own a business.”

The NFIB PA PAC endorsement is important to legislative candidates due to the impact small business owners have in our state and country. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members, and acquaintances to go to the polls.

Today’s announced endorsements are listed below:


District 6         Frank Farry

District 10       Matthew McCullough

District 14       Dean Browning

District 16       Jarrett Charles Coleman

District 20       Lisa Baker

District 24       Tracy Pennycuick

District 28       Kristin Phillips-Hill

District 30       Judy Ward

District 32       Patrick J Stefano

District 34       Greg Rothman

District 36       Ryan P Aument

District 38       Lori Mizgorski

District 40       Rosemary Brown

District 44       Jessica Florio

District 46       Camera Bartolotta

District 48       Chris Gebhard

District 50       Michele Brooks


District 3         Joseph Kujawa

District 5         Barry J Jozwiak

District 6         Brad Roae

District 7         Parke Wentling

District 8         Aaron Bernstine

District 9         Chris Sainato

District 11       Marci Mustello

District 12       Stephenie Scialabba

District 13       John A Lawrence

District 14       Jim Marshall

District 15       Joshua D Kail

District 16       Robert F Matzie

District 17       Timothy Bonner

District 18       Kathleen Tomlinson

District 21       Frank Perman

District 26       Tim Hennessey

District 28       Robert W Mercuri

District 29       Diane Smith

District 30       Cynthia Kirk

District 32       Anthony M DeLuca

District 37       Mindy Fee

District 39       Andrew Kuzma

District 40       Natalie Mihalek

District 41       Brett R Miller

District 43       Keith J Greiner

District 44       Valerie S Gaydos

District 45       Anita Astorino Kulik

District 46       Jason Ortitay

District 47       Joseph D’Orsie

District 48       Timothy J O’Neal

District 50       Bud Cook

District 52       Ryan Warner

District 55       Jill Nixon Cooper

District 56       George Dunbar

District 57       Eric R Nelson

District 58       Eric Davanzo

District 59       Leslie Rossi

District 60       Abigail Major

District 62       James B Struzzi

District 63       Donna Oberlander

District 64       R. Lee James

District 65       Kathy L Rapp

District 66       Brian Smith

District 67       Martin T Causer

District 68       Clint Owlett

District 69       Carl Walker Metzgar

District 71       Jim Rigby

District 72       Frank Burns

District 73       Dallas Kephart

District 75       Mike Armanini

District 76       Stephanie Borowicz

District 78       Jesse Topper

District 79       Louis C Schmitt

District 80       Jim Gregory

District 81       Rich Irvin

District 82       Justin Behrens

District 84       Joe Hamm

District 85       David H Rowe

District 86       Perry Stambaugh

District 87       Thomas Kutz

District 88       Sheryl M Delozier

District 89       Rob W Kauffman

District 90       Paul Schemel

District 91       Dan Moul

District 92       Dawn W Keefer

District 93       Mike Jones

District 97       Steven C Mentzer

District 98       Thomas Jones

District 99       David H Zimmerman

District 100    Bryan Cutler

District 101    John Schlegel

District 102    Russ Diamond

District 108    Lynda Schlegel Culver

District 109    Robert Leadbeter

District 110    Tina Pickett

District 111    Jonathan Fritz

District 116    Dane Watro

District 117    Michael Cabell

District 118    James May

District 119    Alec Ryncavage

District 120    Aaron D Kaufer

District 122    Doyle Heffley

District 123    Tim Twardzik

District 125    Joe Kerwin

District 128    Mark M Gillen

District 130    David M Maloney Sr

District 131    Milou Mackenzie

District 137    Joe Emrick

District 138    Ann Flood

District 139    Joseph Adams

District 142    Joseph Hogan

District 143    Shelby E Labs

District 144    F. Todd Polinchock

District 145    Craig T Staats

District 147    Donna Scheuren

District 151    Todd Stephens

District 155    Kyle Scribner

District 160    Craig Williams

District 161    Edward Mongelluzzo

District 162    Michelle Mattus

District 167    Gail Newman

District 168    Christopher B Quinn

District 169    Kate A Klunk

District 170    Martina A White

District 171    Kerry A Benninghoff

District 176    Jack Rader Jr

District 178    Kristin Marcell

District 183    Zachary Mako

District 187    Ryan E Mackenzie

District 193    Torren C Ecker

District 196    Seth M Grove

District 199    Barbara Gleim


For nearly 80 years, NFIB has been advocating on behalf of America’s small and independent business owners, both in Washington, D.C. and in all 50 state capitals. NFIB is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, and member-driven association. Since its founding in 1943, NFIB has been exclusively dedicated to small and independent businesses and remains so today. For more information, please visit

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