82 Kansas Legislative Candidates Earn Small Business Endorsement

Date: August 31, 2022

The NFIB Kansas PAC today endorsed 82 candidates for seats in the Kansas Legislature. The political action committee, which is comprised solely of NFIB members, endorsed 1 state Senate candidate and 81 House candidates.

“These candidates are deeply committed to protecting small businesses from burdensome taxes and overreaching regulations,” NFIB State Director Dan Murray said. “Each of these candidates has shown us they understand the challenges facing Kansas’s job creators and will do everything they can to create an environment where small businesses can continue to grow and create jobs.”

The general election is on Tuesday, Nov. 8. Advance in-person voting begins Wednesday, Oct. 19, and ends Monday, Nov. 7.

The NFIB Kansas PAC’s endorsement is important to these campaigns. Small business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. NFIB’s political support is based on the candidates’ positions and records on key small-business issues. 

Endorsements by Senate and House Districts 

District 38    Ronald W. Ryckman Sr.

District 2    Kenneth (Ken) Collins
District 3    Chuck Smith
District 6    Samantha M. Poetter Parshall
District 7    Dan Goddard
District 8    Chris Croft
District 11    Ron Bryce
District 12    Doug Blex
District 13    Joe Newland
District 14    Charlotte Esau
District 15    Matt Bingesser
District 16    Ed Roitz
District 17    Emily Carpenter
District 19    Nicholas Reddell
District 20    Carrie Rahfaldt
District 26    Adam T. Thomas
District 27    Sean Edward Tarwater Sr.
District 28    Carl Turner
District 29    David Soffer
District 30    Laura Williams
District 33    Mike Thompson
District 34    Pepe Cabrera
District 36    Kevin Braun
District 38    Timothy H. Johnson
District 39    Owen Donohoe
District 40    David Buehler
District 41    Pat Proctor
District 42    Lance W. Neelly
District 43    Bill Sutton
District 47    Ronald Ellis
District 48    Terry Frederick
District 49    Kristin A. Clark
District 50    Fred C. Patton
District 51    Kenny Titus
District 52    Jesse Borjon
District 54    Ken Corbet
District 60    Mark Schreiber
District 61    Francis Awerkamp
District 63    John R. Eplee
District 64    Lewis (Bill) Bloom
District 65    Jeff Underhill
District 67    Mike Dodson
District 69    Clarke Sanders
District 70    Scott Hill 
District 71    Steven K. Howe
District 72    Avery Anderson
District 73    Les Mason
District 74    Stephen Owens
District 75    Will Carpenter
District 76    Eric L. Smith
District 77    Kristey S. Williams
District 78    Robyn R. Essex
District 79    Webster T. Roth
District 81    Blake Carpenter
District 82    Leah Howell
District 85    Patrick A. Penn
District 87    Susan Oliver Estes
District 88    Sandy Pickert
District 90    Carl Maughan
District 91    Emil M. Bergquist
District 93    Brian Bergkamp
District 94    Leo G. Delperdang
District 96    Tom Kessler
District 97    Nick Hoheisel
District 98    Cyndi Howerton
District 99    Susan Humphries
District 100    Daniel Hawkins
District 101    Joe Seiwert
District 102    John Whitesel 
District 104    Paul Waggoner
District 105    Brenda K. Landwehr
District 106    Lisa M. Moser
District 110    Ken Rahjes
District 111    Barb Wasinger
District 112    Tory Marie Blew
District 114    Michael Murphy
District 115    Gary White
District 116    Kyle D. Hoffman
District 117    Adam Turk
District 120    Adam Smith
District 121    John Resman
District 125    Shannon Francis

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