73 Legislative Candidates Earn Important Small Business Endorsement

Date: October 10, 2022

The NFIB Florida PAC today said it has endorsed 73 candidates for seats in the Florida Legislature. The political action committee is comprised of NFIB members from throughout the state.

“It’s been a rough couple of years for Florida’s small businesses, from the pandemic to inflation to Hurricane Ian,” NFIB State Executive Director Bill Herrle said. “Our members believe these candidates understand what’s at stake for small businesses and will do everything they can to help local businesses get through these difficult times.

“These 73 candidates have a solid record of supporting small businesses in the Florida Legislature or have shown our members that they’re committed to maintaining an environment that allows local businesses to grow and create jobs,” Herrle said. 

District 1 Doug Broxson
District 2 Jay Trumbull
District 3 Corey Simon
District 4 Clay Yarborough
District 7 Travis Hutson
District 8 Tom Wright
District 9 Keith Perry
District 10 Jason Brodeur
District 11 Blaise Ingoglia
District 12 Colleen Burton
District 13 Dennis Baxley
District 14 Jay Collins
District 18 Nick DiCeglie
District 21 Ed Hooper
District 23 Danny Burgess
District 27 Ben Albritton Jr.
District 33 Jonathan Martin  
District 36 Illeana Garcia
District 38 Alexis Maria Calatayud


District 1 Michelle Salzman
District 2 Alex Andrade  
District 3 Joel Rudman
District 11 Sam Garrison
District 14 Kimberly Daniels
District 15 Dean Black
District 16 Kiyan Michael
District 17 Jessica Baker
District 19 Paul Renner
District 22 Chuck Clemons
District 25 Taylor Yarkosky
District 26 Keith Truenow
District 28 Tom Leek
District 29 Webster Barnaby
District 30 Chase Tramont
District 33 Randy Fine
District 34 Robert Brackett
District 35 Fred Hawkins
District 36 Rachel Plakon
District 37 Susan Plasencia
District 38 David Smith
District 45 Carolina Amesty
District 46 Kristen Arrington
District 52 John Temple
District 53 Jeff Holcomb
District 54 Randy Maggard*
District 55 Kevin Steele
District 58 Kimberly Berfield
District 59 Berny Jacques
District 60 Audrey Henson*
District 61 Linda Chaney
District 65 Karen Gonzalez Pittman
District 66 Traci Koster
District 68 Lawrence McClure
District 69 Andrew Learned
District 70 Mike Beltran
District 72 Tommy Gregory
District 73 Fiona McFarland
District 77 Tiffany Esposito
District 78 Jenna Persons-Mulicka
District 80 Adam Botana
District 84 Dana Trabulsy
District 85 Toby Overdorf
District 86 John Snyder
District 87 Mike Caruso
District 89 David Silvers
District 91 Peggy Gossett-Seidman
District 92 Kelly Skidmore
District 94 Rick Roth*
District 96 Dan Daley
District 100 Chip LaMarca
District 118 Juan Fernandez-Barquin
District 119 Juan Carlos Porras
District 120 Jim Mooney

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