New Small Business Rundown Episodes Focus on Regulations and Advocacy

Date: October 18, 2023

The two latest Small Business Rundown episodes highlight small business regulations, elections, and advocacy

NFIB released two new Small Business Rundown episodes that include important information and insights on topics relevant to small business owners. In Episode 19, NFIB experts explained the power of grassroots and discussed the importance of getting involved. Episode 20 featured U.S. Senator Mike Braun of Indiana discussing regulations and legislation that impact small businesses. 

Episode 19 – Advocacy: From Grassroots to Elections 

NFIB is the nation’s leading small business advocacy organization, but what does that mean? National Grassroots Strategies Director Jessica Cooper discusses why business owners should get involved and how NFIB makes it easy for them to take meaningful action. 

“When business owners get involved, speak up, and share real-world examples of how laws and legislation impact their business, they are educating and influencing legislative decision-makers,” explains Cooper. “Our listeners really have the power to make a change.” Cooper highlighted three ways to get involved with NFIB: 

  1. Sign up to receive NFIB emails and read them 
  2. Download and regularly use NFIB’s free Engage Mobile app
  3. Create or update your NFIB member profile 

NFIB’s grassroots team engages members in the political process, shares legislative updates, and alerts members on when to take action on key small business issues. Visit NFIB’s Advocacy Center to learn more. Senior National Political Director Sharon Sussin explained the three-pronged approach the political program uses: 

  • Identify pro-small business candidates for NFIB’s state and federal PAC to support 
  • Encourage members to engage to help support pro-small business candidates 
  • Run programs to ensure small business owners vote 

“The best way to have pro-small business policy is to elect pro-small business candidates,” says Sussin. “We know business owners are well respected in their communities and are keenly aware of the issues that affect all job creators.” 

Over 25 NFIB members are currently serving in Congress and hundreds in state capitals across the country. NFIB has resources available for running for office, as well as other ways to support small business candidates.   

[Click to listen to Episode 19] 

Episode 20 – Problematic Small Business Regulations 

The newest episode of the Small Business Rundown addresses regulatory issues and an update from Senator Mike Braun on problematic small business regulations in Washington. Sen. Braun grew a small trucking and logistics business into a successful and independent business.  

“If government, federal or state, becomes too overbearing it definitely weighs in on your ability to grow and create jobs,” says Braun. “I do think there will be a gravitation for businesses once they scale to go to places where there’s less [regulations]. Moderate, reasonable regulation is okay. But when everything is being dictated through government, it gets expensive, and I think you lower your economic growth over time.” 

NFIB Small Business Legal Center Executive Director Elizabeth Milito and Federal Government Relations Director Jeff Brabant joined to discuss specific regulations and the impact they will have on small businesses. The key regulations they give further details on are: 

  • Department of Labor (DOL) independent contractor restrictions 
  • Joint employer rule 
  • Overtime exemption threshold being doubled 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) walkaround rule 

“When we hear about small business regulations, we hear about a whole host of things,” explains Brabant. “One of the issues we hear about a lot is labor regulations. Labor and employment rules are really hard for a small employer because you don’t have an HR department, and there’s quite a host of labor regulations you have to comply with.” 

Milito and Brabant break down each of the four regulations explaining what they mean and how each one will impact small businesses. Regulatory burdens make it difficult for small business owners to grow their businesses while keeping up with compliance issues to avoid penalties. 

“These federal rules are coming on top of state rules and now more local rules regarding labor and employment issues too,” says Milito. “The thought from these federal agencies is that small business owners as employers are not treating their employees well. That is, as we know, not the case at all. Our members are doing all they can to recruit and retain the best employees out there. Payroll is at an all-time high, they’re offering signing bonuses, and they’re increasing benefits packages. They are doing the right things, and they are treating their employees well because they want them to stay. They don’t need more federal regulations.” 

[Click to listen to Episode 20] 

NFIB will continue to monitor and fight against harmful regulations.
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