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SmallBiz Today App

SmallBiz Today App

SmallBiz Today is the free app that successful business owners and entrepreneurs use to stay in the know on all the latest news in each state and in Washington, D.C. Are your taxes getting even more complicated and expensive? Are you facing yet another arbitrary regulation that will cost you time and money for compliance? Or did NFIB get a big win at the statehouse that will boost small business hiring and therefore the economy?

NFIB tracks these issues and many more, plus we publish daily advice articles, videos and infographics that are full of information to help you grow your business.

SmallBiz today is totally interactive. Comment on articles to voice your opinion. Share articles via social media, email and text. And even engage directly with your political representatives on state and national issues—all within the app.

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App Highlights for Small Business Owners:

  1. Receive advice tailored for independent business owners through helpful articles, fast-paced videos and powerful infographics
  2. Get political news on state and national candidates who support small business
  3. Stay on top of business issues, such as taxes, healthcare and regulations, at the national, state and local levels
  4. Gain access to your elected officials by calling, emailing and interacting on social media through the app
  5. Make your perspective heard by liking, sharing and commenting on articles
  6. Filter on topics that interest you most 


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