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  • Holiday Party Warning from the NFIB Small Business Legal Center Holiday Party Warning from the NFIB Small Business Legal Center Beware of situations that could lead to drunken driving and harassment.

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  • Challenges facing NFIB/Arkansas Challenges facing NFIB/Arkansas
    Fight Massive Unemployment Insurance Contribution Increases
    High unemployment has put a tremendous financial strain on Arkansas unemployment fund. NFIB will continue to fight to find commonsense solutions to this problem that avoid big cost increases for small businesses.

    Protect the limitations established in the Arkansas Tort Reform Act
    NFIB/Arkansas will continue to fight any proposal to eliminate the limitations on punitive damages.

    Continue to fight the onslaught of anti-business proposals
    Whether it takes the form of insurance mandates, software mandates, or paperwork mandates, NFIB will continue to fight for your right to own, operate, and grow your business with as little government intrusion as possible.

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