Workforce Transformation: Defining your Digital Workplace


Thursday, September 30, 2021
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM EST

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Daren Masanda
North America Small Business Field Marketing Manager

Webinar Overview

Today we want to not focus on what products you need to be productive in today’s environment but instead what are some of the biggest things that you need to think about when creating a model that works in a remote environment or hybrid environment where your employees can work from anywhere. We will look at some data that Dell has collected on what our customers are telling us they envision their business will look like in a post pandemic era. What both our customers and Dell are seeing from potential employees and how to best attract and retain that talent pool. In order to attract talent we need to make sure we know are employees, understand if we are providing the right technology and if we are giving them the best change to be both product and happy employees. Keeping this conversation IT vendor agnostic, we want to make sure our customers have a cohesive plan and able to ask any IT provider the right questions to make sure they can execute to their plan.

We will then focus on what that plan looks like and how we feel like the best way to implement that plan. We will discuss a little of the learnings and changes Dell had to make as we went through this transformation as a company and how you can avoid some of those same pitfalls. We will look at what we have focused on to make our employees just as productive in a fully remote environment and what we as a company focused on to achieve this. We then will talk about something that we feel is most important, securing your data and giving your employees piece of mind when working remote. The last thing we want our customers to continue to think about is how do we make sure we are looking at the proper talent and who is going to fill the roles in our company.  


Daren has worked at Dell for at Dell for over 11 years in roles ranging from sales, to technical solutions to overall strategy for the Dell PC business. Currently he supports the Strategic Partnerships in Small Business to help them create better solutions as a Field Marketing Manager. In his role he focuses on the product mix for small business, strategic programs to enhance our customers experience and making sure Dell is in competitive position from a product and price standpoint. Daren enjoys spending time with his family watching his kids play sports, supporting his wife in her half marathon adventures as well as practicing and teaching Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He has a passion for all things in technology and working to delight Dell customers.



Discussion Topics

  • The digital journey for each company is unique
  • How does Dell see business work environment in a post COVID era?
  • How are you going to differentiate your company to attract and retain talent
  • Do you have a comprehensive plan for your company’s Digital Transformation
  • Keep your data secure for peace of mind


Common Questions

  • How long has Dell had a remote work plan and how has it evolved?
  • What are some of the biggest reasons for concerns around security?
  • Is Dell the only IT provider than can help my company create the proper solution?
  • What are some of the things Dell is doing to attract and retain talent that is new?


Dell Future Ready Workforce whitepaper:

Dell/Intel Future Workforce Study:

Younger workers Smart Spaces stat – ResearchNow survey commisioned by Dell 2018

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