Wednesday, September 4th at 12pm ET

Stay Out of Court: Ten Ways a Small Business Owner Can Avoid Legal Trouble

We know you want nothing more than to stay out of court. That’s why NFIB Small Business Legal Center attorneys Beth Milito and Luke Wake have put together an interactive presentation on Ten Ways to Stay Out of Court. Learn 10 steps to reduce the likelihood that your business will be sued and increase the odds that your business will win if it is sued.

Lawsuits can severely hurt small businesses, new business formation, and job creation. While there are no guarantees when it comes to court cases, assessing your risks will help minimize your liability.

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About the Speaker:


Elizabeth Milito
Senior Executive Counsel, Legal Foundation, NFIB

Elizabeth Milito focuses on labor and employment issues at the NFIB Legal Center. She has testified before Congress, administrative agencies, and state legislatures on the small-business impact of legislative and regulatory issues. She is also a frequent media spokesperson on employment and labor matters.


Luke Wake
Senior Staff Attorney, Small Business Legal Center, NFIB

Luke Wake is an appellate attorney with particular expertise on environmental and land use issues, and has worked on numerous other constitutional issues and matters of importance to small business owners. Since joining the NFIB Legal Center, Wake has focused on a whole host of issues, from employment law matters to regulatory compliance.

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