Wednesday, August 21st at 12pm ET

Brand Building 5 Minutes at a Time on LinkedIn

Branding is all about building visibility and credibility with your audience in order to influence buying decisions. As the first step is generating awareness, LinkedIn is a wonderful place to start for both corporate and personal branding.

In this webinar, we’ll explore 5 major ways to build your brand on LinkedIn 5 minutes at a time. Through improving your profile, growing your network, building relationships, being social, and becoming an influencer, people will get to know and like you better, leading them to trust you with their business.

You will learn:

    1. How to update your profile to meet your business goals
    2. What actions to take to grow your network
    3. How to build valuable relationships
    4. How to participate in the social space to responsibly build your brand
    5. How to elevate these skills to position yourself or your brand as an influencer in your space

Download the Slides

About the Speaker:

Melanie Jean Romanaux
Social Media Lead, Kabbage, Inc. 

Melanie Romanaux joined the team at Kabbage as the Social Media Lead in January 2019. She brings a keen understanding of the woes and wonders of small business ownership to her role and is passionate about making social media practices accessible to all entrepreneurs. Melanie founded the first social media agency in the southeast in 2010 with the mission of empowering business owners to facilitate customer service, sales, personal branding, relationship building, and growth through social media. Since then she has worked with businesses of all sizes in every industry, formulating social media strategies and coaching teams through tactics and decision making for success. Notable brands include The Varsity, DOW Agrosciences, Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System, CRESA, Jabian Consulting, Uncle Maddio's Pizza, Jaguar Land Rover and Oakland Coffee.

She is passionate about blood cancer and childhood cancer research and has raised more than $500,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and Children's Hospitals.

Otherwise, you can find her with her husband and dog out and about in Atlanta or planning a weekend hiking/brew tour.



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