Previously Recorded NFIB Webinar: 

NFIB 2016 Obamacare Update and Outlook

Wednesday, March 2nd at 12pm ET

During this presentation you will learn:

  • Which taxes were delayed and what will the impact be for small businesses?
  • What are the employer mandate mechanics and compliance responsibilities for small, midsize, and large businesses?
  • What are some of the recently prohibited practices for employee benefits and how can changes be made to come into compliance?
  • What other deadlines exist this year?
  • What is the forecast for further changes and relief in 2016?



Webinar Speaker:

Kevin Kuhlman
Director of Legislative Affairs at
National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

Kevin is responsible for managing NFIB’s House of Representatives lobbying and advocacy team. 

Kevin focuses on healthcare and health insurance issues.  Since 1986, NFIB members’ top concern has been the rising cost of health insurance.  Kevin also closely follows the regulatory process and comments on regulations that impact NFIB’s membership. 

Prior to joining NFIB in 2011, Kevin handled healthcare, labor, education, and small business issues for Congressman Peter Roskam from Illinois.  He started his career on Capitol Hill in 2006 as a support and research staff member for the Committee on Ways and Means.

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