Employee Healthcare Alternatives in Today’s World of Health Insurance


Today’s marketplace includes alternatives for providing healthcare to business owners, their families and their employees. These include voluntary group association products and lower cost basic health plans that help employees to gain access to the healthcare system.

Are you looking for ways to lower your healthcare costs now? Do you want to provide basic low cost coverage for your employees in the future? Applying some new ideas today could potentially save you thousands of dollars in the future. Download the slides to learn:

  • Several techniques to lower your health care premiums.
  • New ways to offer basic type coverage to employees.
  • How to offer voluntary benefits that you as a business owner do not have to contribute to.
  • The method for providing more comprehensive coverage to those employees who need it and less for those who don’t, saving thousands of dollars a year.

Webinar Details

Date/Time: Wed., March 30, at noon ET

Todd Page Vice President JLBG Health

Duration: 60 minutes

Who Should Attend: Business owners; benefits managers; human resources and accounting staff; other employees interested in benefits options

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