Previously Recorded NFIB WEBINAR: 

 Wednesday, September 20, 2017 at 12pm ET

E-Commerce Holiday Review & Trends for 2017

The webinar gives a review of customer behavior during the holiday season. Attendees will learn about the online holiday spending behavior for 2016, as well as what are the highest revenue earning days in the season. In addition, the post-Christmas traffic holiday will be discussed.

The webinar will also provide tips for succeeding in 2017 holiday season.

Key take-aways Include:

  1. Online spending is still growing by double digits
  2. Mobile is becoming a stronger shopping channel
  3. In-store pickup and returns encourage more buying
  4. Gift cards encourage late-season shopping
  5. Discounts can boost revenue (but be cautious about margins)

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About the Speaker:

Kevin Chung
Marketing Advisor, E-Commerce FedEx

Kevin Chung is a Marketing Principal at FedEx responsible for E-Commerce strategy and execution within Customer Engagement Marketing.  He is currently responsible for developing strategic e-commerce relationships with companies such as Channel Advisor, Google, Etsy, eBay, Amazon, Shipstation, Magento and Big Commerce.  Kevin has also managed a portfolio of E-commerce solutions providers as part of the FedEx Compatible Program and is actively engaged in the FedEx Small Business Grant Program.  He is a member of and manages industry relationships with Internet Retailer, Comscore and Forrester Research.  Before joining FedEx, Kevin was a Senior Executive at Digitas; a digital advertising and marketing agency located in Boston.



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