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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Small Business Mid-Year Checkup – Trends and Tips for 2024

with Holly Wade

Join Holly Wade, Executive Director of the NFIB Research Center, for the latest small business statistics and trends. 

Elizabeth Milito
Executive Director
Small Business Legal Center

Holly Wade
Executive Director
NFIB Research Center

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NFIB Federal Legislative Mid-Year Update

July 26, 2023
This webinar will provide an update on small business legislative priorities including taxes, financial services, healthcare, and employment law.

NFIB Federal Update: Congressional Outlook for Small Businesses

March 29, 2023
Special guest and NFIB VP of Federal Government Relations Kevin Kuhlman will share the latest on the current climate in Congress and NFIB's plans to advocate for small businesses this legislative cycle.

NFIB Federal Update: From Congress to the Courts

January 12, 2022
Join our webinar on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, to learn the latest on the Build Back Better Act proposal and NFIB’s efforts to restore the Employee Retention Tax Credit for the fourth quarter in 2021.

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Wage and Hour Compliance for Small Business

May 1, 2024
Join this webinar with special guest Brad Kelley, Littler, to deepen your understanding of key wage and hour laws and how to stay in compliance with them.

Must Have Employee Policies for Small Businesses – Hiring, Firing, and Staying Compliant

March 6, 2024
Join NFIB Small Business Legal Center attorney Beth Milito for all things HR in small businesses.

Hiring, Wages, & Employee Classifications Explained

May 3, 2023
Join special guest Scott Horton, Esq, Horton Law PLLC, for answers to the most frequently asked questions about an especially challenging area of law for small businesses: wage and hour laws.

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Get More Customers and Clients in 2024 with a Digital Marketing Success Plan

January 3, 2024
Join this webinar with marketing expert Donna Botti as she will cover key elements of a successful digital marketing and visibility strategy for 2024.

Powered through Technology

October 19, 2023
Powered Through Technology teaches the basics of backend Enterprise hardware like Servers/Compute.

Toolkit Essentials to Grow Your Small Business

July 5, 2023
Join this webinar with NFIB's Holly Wade and a business instructor from George Washington University to learn how to grow your small business.

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Tax-Saving Strategies for 2024: Choosing the Right Entity and Hiring Your Kids

April 3, 2024
Join special guest Jamie Trull, CPA, to learn strategies that will help you maximize tax savings in your small business.

Ask the CPA! You have tax questions – We have answers!

February 7, 2024
Join NFIB on February 7, at noon ET for this free webinar, where Micah will answer the most frequently asked small business tax-related questions and share tips for the 2024 tax season.

Ask the CPA: Employee Retention Tax Credit Basics and Tax Season Tips

March 1, 2023
Guest expert and CPA Kristi Stone offers an informative webinar that will provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC or ERTC) and updates for tax season.

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Credit Surcharge Program

November 17, 2022
Join us for a webinar to learn more about credit surcharges and payment processing.

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Small Business Mid-Year Checkup – Trends and Tips for 2024

July 3, 2024
Join Holly Wade, Executive Director of the NFIB Research Center, for the latest small business statistics and trends.

Five Ways to Help Small Businesses Fight Inflation

June 20, 2024
In this webinar, the NFIB Research Center Executive Director Holly Wade and Vice President of Federal Government Relations Jeff Brabant will give an economic overview and explain how these five priorities can help ease inflation.

New Overtime Rule Effective July 1, 2024: What Small Businesses Need to Know

June 5, 2024
In this webinar, NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center attorneys Beth Milito and Rob Smith will explain the new requirements and what employers need to do to ensure compliance on July 1, 2024.



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