Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 12pm ET

5 Seconds of Guts

Have you ever experienced the sensation of realizing the perfect gutsy thing to say during a discussion… only, it’s after the discussion or call is over? Often times, you know what the courageous thing to say is, but it’s accessing that wisdom in the moment that makes the difference. Matthew Neuberger will share two tools that will allow you and your team the ability to access your courage in a S.N.A.P. Matt Neuberger uses an interactive style with role-play and real-life scenarios (generated by the audience) to apply techniques to the attendees’ everyday lives. At the end of the session, attendees with have developed skills to have gutsy conversations that lead to more productive relationships and increase general effectiveness in navigating relationships.

Key Takeaways
● How to approach problems with a more positive mindset
● Noticing the impact of one’s attitude on the outcome of a situation
● Understanding the cost-benefit of a Growth Mindset
● Know how to use S.N.A.P in everyday life


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About the Speaker:


Doug Lotierzo

Doug serves as Consultant at Neuberger & Co. He uses his sales promotion and business generation experience to drive the behaviors, attitudes and techniques required for effective sales.

Doug is a master trainer of the Sandler Training system. He teaches the in-house Foundations and sales mastery sessions for Neuberger & Co. which serve as the flagship courses for all sales and customer care programs. 

More specifically, Doug works with those who have business development responsibilities to help them develop healthy and effective habits to generate more, high quality opportunities. 

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