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  • Property Tax Property Tax Despite a decrease in Vermont's student enrollment in recent years, both commercial property taxes (5%) and residential property taxes (4%) continue to increase. NFIB will continue to fight to reverse this trend.

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  • Employer Assessment Employer Assessment Despite the shutdown of Vermont Health Connect to employers in September 2014, the state continues to require employers to pay a quarterly tax payment; the first 4 full-time equivalent employees are exempt from the tax. The $18 million that is generated annually from this tax is essentially paying to operate a program that no longer exists. NFIB continues to vigorously calling for the repeal of this tax.

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  • Mandated Paid Sick Leave Mandated Paid Sick Leave This issue passed early in the 2016 legislative session. Employees whom are at least 18 years of age, work over 18 hours a week, and work more than 20 weeks within a year would accrue one hour of paid leave for every 52 hours worked, up to a maximum of 3 days in the first 12 month period, and increasing to 5 days in the third year of implementation. Business with 5 of fewer employees will have an additional year to prepare. NFIB will continue to oppose this mandate.

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  • Healthcare Healthcare The governor has proposed an All-Payer Waiver, which would change how health care providers are reimbursed. NFIB/VT is closely monitoring this to ensure that this new healthcare experiment isn’t going to put more upward pressure on health insurance premiums and out-of-pocket costs.

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  • Ban the Box Ban the Box Vermont is contemplating enacting legislation that would prohibit an employer from asking whether or not an applicant for employment had been convicted on job applications.

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  • State Budgeting - $130 Million Short for upcoming budget year State Budgeting - $130 Million Short for upcoming budget year Due to unexpectedly low revenues, Gov. Shumlin and the Legislature will need to come up with $130 million in cuts, increased taxes or a combination of the two in order to balance this year’s budget.

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