Overview of NFIB

NFIB members are a diverse group consisting of high-tech manufacturers, retailers, farmers, professional service providers and many more.

When NFIB speaks on its members’ behalf, lawmakers in state legislatures, Congress and the White House listen. No wonder Fortune magazine acknowledges NFIB as the top-ranking business lobbying organization in Washington.

But NFIB’s policy advocacy strength didn’t come overnight. NFIB started out small. One man, Wilson Harder, founded the organization in 1943. Harder began with a home office and sold the first memberships to his neighbors. Harder’s vision was to give small and independent business a voice in governmental decisionmaking through policy advocacy.

This vision remains strong today. NFIB sets its public-policy positions by regularly polling members and acting on their advice. Once this member ballot is tallied, NFIB carries a unified message to Congress and the state legislatures on behalf of small business owners.

In the last several years, NFIB has enlarged the scope of its policy advocacy. NFIB has entered the political arena to support pro-small business candidates for state and national office. In 2000, it added the NFIB Legal Foundation, representing small business interests in the judicial system. The NFIB Young Entrepreneur Foundation provides scholarships and internships to the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. And the NFIB Research Foundation provides policymakers, small business owners and other interested parties empirically based information on small business. NFIB also continues to build alliances with various businesses, allowing the organization to provide services to members at special prices.

Learn more about NFIB in the “Small Business Growth Agenda for the 114th Congress


NFIB’s mission is to promote and protect the right of our members to own, operate and grow their businesses.

Core values

Our Members

  • We listen and respond to our members’ needs.
  • We are committed to exceeding our members’ expectations.
  • We are committed to excellence in advocacy and all we do on behalf of our members.
  • Our members determine the public policy positions of the organization – one member, one vote.

Our NFIB Team

  • We provide personal and professional growth through education and mentoring.
  • We support an entrepreneurial environment where new ideas are embraced.
  • We recognize and reward excellence and outstanding performance.
  • We collaborate and communicate for team success.
  • We celebrate success and have fun.

Our Workplace

  • We expect the highest ethical standards in all our activities.
  • We value an environment of trust, integrity, and respect for all individuals.
  • We appreciate teamwork and recognize each person has a valued contribution to make.

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