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  • NFIB 2021 Priorities Include Income and Property Tax Reform, Eliminating Inheritance Tax Iowa Small Business 2021 Legislative Priorities Read Full Article
  • Meet the 16 Lawmakers Defending Iowa Small Businesses Iowa Champions of Small Business Read Full Article
  • NFIB is urging Iowa lawmakers to take action in 2020 and pass a comprehensive occupational licensing reform bill. Occupational Licensing Reform in Iowa Read Full Article
  • The latest on the Department of Labor's new overtime rule; what it means for your business and how to join the fight to stop it. Overtime Rule: Temporary Victory Read Full Article
  • The Department of Labor's new Overtime rule substantially increases business costs by doubling the salary threshold used to determine overtime eligibility. Thanks to your help, we've already had a big success with the House passing a bill to delay the rule. Tell the Senate and the President to do the same. Overtime Rule Relief Still Possible: Take Action Now Read Full Article
  • You can help! Encourage your representatives to co-sponsor legislation to protect small business and their employees from the burdensome overtime rule proposed by the Department of Labor. Congress Is Considering Legislation to Stop New Overtime Rule Read Full Article
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