NFIB’s Josh McLeod in The Washington Times: White House, Congress Should Enforce Law That Protects Small Businesses

Date: May 18, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 18, 2023)The Washington Times published a new op-ed from Josh McLeod, NFIB Manager of Federal Government Relations, in which he discusses the Regulatory Flexibility Act (RFA) and how the lack of RFA compliance by federal agencies leads to numerous one-size-fits-all regulations, to the detriment of small business owners nationwide.  

McLeod writes: 

“Federal agencies are deliberately ignoring a law that protects small businesses, leading to massive one-size-fits-all mandates that hurt Main Street job creators. That’s the conclusion of a new report from theNational Federation of Independent Business, which reviewed agency compliance with the 1980 Regulatory Flexibility Act, or RFA. Violations are frequent, leaving the law little more than a paper tiger and small businesses at the mercy of regulators gone wild.Congressshould strengthen the law immediately, proving that our lawmakers actually stand with small business. 

“This law was supposed to protect small businesses in several ways. First, it requires agencies to analyze a regulation’s effects on small businesses, both at its proposal and final promulgation. Second, it requires agencies to consider ways to ease compliance for small businesses, including alternatives and exemptions. In the 1990s, a third major protection was added, requiring some agencies to solicit direct input from small businesses, through formal panels, before establishing rules. The whole point of the law was to stop the most burdensome federal mandates, not least by forcing agencies to publicize the damage they would do. 

“Members ofCongressacross the political spectrum have strong reasons to support these reforms. No representative or senator wants to be tarred as hurting small businesses, and in fact, virtually every current member ofCongressis on record supporting them. Supporting small businesses when the cameras are rolling or during a campaign is one thing. Proving it through legislative action is another. They can demonstrate their support for small businesses by strengthening the Regulatory Flexibility Act, making it the bulwark for Main Street that it was always meant to be.” 

Read the full op-ed online here:

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