NFIB President Brad Close in USA Today: Small Businesses Deserve Support and Certainty From IRS, Not Audits and Intimidation

Date: April 17, 2023

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 17, 2023) – In today’s USA TODAY, NFIB President & CEO Brad Close penned a new op-ed explaining how the IRS should use its plans for expansion to provide more certainty for America’s small businesses.

Close notes how Main Street would be better served by an IRS that focuses on customer service, including education and compliance assistance, over audits and investigations.

Read the excerpts below and the full op-ed here.

“Main Street needs help making sense of complicated tax laws. It does not need to be hurt by IRS agents second-guessing every small-business move.

The administration insists that small businesses will not be the target of this massive new IRS enforcement focus, but business owners are skeptical. Big businesses and the wealthy, with their armies of lawyers and accountants, make a difficult target for IRS agents. Meanwhile, small businesses, farms, and family-owned businesses, with their limited resources, are the low-hanging fruit for expanded IRS enforcement.”

“The IRS should focus on education and compliance assistance so that more small businesses know how to navigate the labyrinth of tax rules. And it should emphasize taxpayer service improvements over audits and investigations. 

Small businesses face hurdles every day to keep their doors open, serve their customers and strengthen their communities. They need more certainty and support from the IRS. They didn’t need the IRS to get an $80 billion bonus that can be used to target Main Street.”

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