NFIB California Podcast: Carol Roth Discusses the Assaults on Small Businesses

Date: May 18, 2023

The issues we see today were driven by decisions related to COVID

Is there a war on small business?

According to one review of her book, The War on Small Business, How the government used the pandemic to crush the backbone of America, “entrepreneur Carol Roth unveils the many abuses of power inflicted on small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Small business owners were thrown in jail for trying to make a living. Individual rights were discarded. Big government did what it does best—intentionally protect the rich and powerful.”

NFIB California’s chief legislative advocate, Tim Taylor, sat down with Roth to get her take on how we got here and if there’s a road ahead for Main Street enterprises. “The issues we see today [bank failures, inflation, mis-directed UI benefits, etc.] were driven by decisions related to COVID,” said Roth

But California did its part, too, on keeping the war going by enshrining into law Assembly Bill 5, arguably the biggest state attack on free enterprise in the nation. “The advent of the new wave of digital technology really enabled people to work flexibly in the way they want to work … People say, ‘I have free time. I want to able to fill that time in the way I want.’ But unfortunately, coming out of California … You say no, I’m sorry, even though you and your company want to do this arrangement and come to terms, we’re going to get in the middle of that contract. We’re going to say, nope, we don’t like the way you guys have decided to work, and we’re going to force you into a relationship that you have not agreed upon,”
Which Roth said is fundamentally un-American and such a huge infringement on freedom of choice.

Roth has been named a Top 100 Small Business Influencer, written hundreds of articles for a variety of outlets, is a sought-after emcee, speaker, and event moderator, and describes herself as a recovering investment banker, having completed initiatives for companies worth more than $2 billion.

Other topics she and Taylor discussed included

  • The Black Swan theory
  • The Magic Money Tree
  • The Federal Reserve
  • The government’s dividing people into essential and nonessential
  • And, her next book, You Will Own Nothing.

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