NFIB State Director Applauds Assembly For Passing Important Small Business Legislation

Date: February 18, 2022

Small Businesses Overwhemingly Want Government to Stop Picking Winners and Losers

Bill G. Smith, State Director of the National Federation of Independent Business in Wisconsin, the state’s leading small business organization with 10,000 members, applauds the Wisconsin Assembly for passing important COVID-19 legislation. It requires all businesses be treated equally during an emergency declaration by the government, like during the COVID-19 crisis, and eliminates the economic hardship endured by small businesses ordered to close, while their big box competitors were allowed to remain open.


According to a recent NFIB survey of members across Wisconsin, 97% of small business owners indicated support for eliminating the essential and non-essential designations from emergency orders.


“Small business owners are more confident today knowing that their legislators are listening and understand the hardships they faced during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Bill G. Smith, NFIB State Director in Wisconsin. “By voting to the eliminate the essential and non-essential designations, it prevents government from picking winners and losers. Many small businesses were unable to sell their goods and services and struggled to generate revenue to pay their employees, while big box stores that sold the same products, were allowed to remain open.”


“Obviously, the action taken by state government had a devastating impact on small business owners and their employees, creating significant economic hardship and uncertainty on Main Street throughout Wisconsin. The cost of the government mandated lockdown of so-called non-essential businesses was devastating for small business employers and their employees, yet minimal impact on controlling the spread of the pandemic.


Thanks to action by the assembly, we can hopefully avoid these devastating economic consequences in the future. What small business owners need now is for the Senate to follow the Assembly’s lead and pass this important bill.”

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