Virginia Small Business Owner: We need tax relief, sensible regulations

Date: February 22, 2022

NFIB Owner Cheryl Spraberry pens letter in the Virginian-Pilot

Recently, NFIB member Cheryl Spraberry of AIT Marine in Virginia Beach penned a letter to the editor, which appeared in the Virginian-Pilot. 


Virginia lawmakers need to focus on small businesses. We only have so much time. As a small business owner, I spend mine trying to recruit workers to fill open positions, comply with government mandates, and deal with supply chain issues. The legislature also has only so much time. Here’s my question: Are lawmakers actually going to do something this session to help out small business owners? Time is running out.


The COVID-19 pandemic hit has made a tough situation worse. Shutdowns and taxes have resulted in extra burdens to my small business.


I would like to continue hiring Virginians. Yet I feel like all the legislature wants to do is hamper my efforts to boost our state’s economy. Instead of creating jobs, I’m dealing with decreased sales, higher costs, and a whole lot more paperwork. Here’s a message from Virginia entrepreneurs: There are a few simple things you can do now to help out not only our state’s struggling economy, but every single Virginian recover from this pandemic.


Tax relief. If Virginia is going to bounce back, we need to be able to hire employees and boost our local economies. Agree upon sensible regulations. What we need are reasonable solutions that don’t involve extra time, paperwork, and hoops to jump though. 


Unemployment insurance reform. We need meaningful reform without increased taxes for small business owners on top of all the other mandates we’ve recently seen.


If lawmakers listen to their entrepreneurs, they can make a positive impact on the economy that will last for years to come.


Cheryl Spraberry, vice president of AIT Marine and a member of National Federation of Independent Business, Virginia Beach

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