Virginia Small Business Day 2022: Gov. Youngkin Pledges to Cut Back Burdensome Regulations

Date: February 01, 2022

NFIB Members Make Their Voices Heard: Legislators Hear Key Small Business Issues

As part of NFIB, or the National Federation of Independent Business’ Small Business Day, NFIB members here in Virginia engaged with lawmakers about issues that help them recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.


At top of mind was NFIB’s Small Business Recovery Plan, four pillars that highlight small business owners’ main priorities this legislative session: tax relief, regulatory relief, financial assistance, and unemployment insurance reform. Our small business owners were encouraged to hear from keynote speaker, Gov. Glenn Youngkin, about his pledge to help small business owners.


“Small business is the engine of the economy. We are going to take that engine and we are going to rev it up. We are going to work in order to cut back regulations. The bedrock of our communities are small businesses. If we don’t have small businesses, then Virginia will not thrive,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.


A slew of state legislators also addressed the small business crowd, including Speaker Todd Gilbert, who acknowledged that small businesses are the backbone of Virginia’s economy.


“When we talk about business, we need to make sure we’re not talking about business for business’s sake. When we talk about business and business being successful, we mean that it means opportunity for all the people we represent to have better jobs, raise their kids in a better fashion and give them opportunities they never had.  That all flows from a positive business climate,” said Speaker Todd Gilbert.







“Virginia’s 2022 Small Business Day was encouraging to small business owners across the state who showed up in Richmond today to make their voices heard. The past few years have been devastating for many of our entrepreneurs,” said Julia Hammond, NFIB State Director in Virginia. “The COVID-19 pandemic has hit small business owners especially hard. Many are looking to state legislators and the governor for help as they struggle to recover. Many were encouraged today to hear that not only the governor, but legislators on both sides of the aisle are encouraged by and engaged with NFIB’s Small Business Recovery Plan.”




Julia Hammond, NFIB State Director in Virginia, introduces Gov. Glenn Youngkin during NFIB’s Small Business Day.






Gov. Youngkin pledged to “We are going to make sure that we are not going to pay taxes on things like the PPP program. We are pressing for it aggressively to create a tax break for one year for small business for up to 50 employees to keep that money to invest in growth and invest in your employees,” said Gov. Youngkin.




Gov. Glenn Youngkin welcomes NFIB members as he delivers his speech to a packed crowd during 2022’s Virginia Small Business Day. 



NFIB Member Melissa Ball introduced Gov. Glenn Youngkin, who pledged to support small business owners during his term in office. 






NFIB members like Tina Miller, owner of Walkabout Outfitter here in Virginia, remain engaged and active in NFIB’s Small Business Recovery Plan. To hear in Tina’s words how it would help her small business, click here.



Gov. Glenn Youngkin addressed a packed crowd of small business owners during NFIB’s 2022 Small Business Day.



Other speakers during NFIB’s Small Business Day include Senator John Bell, Delegate Wren Williams, Delegate Kathy Byron, Secretary of Labor Slater and Sen. Lynwood Lewis. Honored guests included Commerce and Trade Secretary Caren Merrick





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