Amendment 1: What You Need to Know About Right-to-Work!

Date: October 31, 2022

NFIB is supporting Vote Yes on 1, which would enshrine Tennessee’s right-to-work law into the state constitution, giving it extra protection. This is a balloted position (2020), with nearly three in four NFIB members in favor. Amendment 1 is on the first page of your ballot next to the governor’s race.

Here’s important information about Amendment 1:

  • Right-to-work is simple – it says you can’t be forced to join a union or fired for joining one. Nothing more, nothing less.
  • Our 75-year-old law is under attack by DC politicians, who want to eliminate it via the PRO Act, and even by some here in TN (HB 2598 would erode our law).
  • Workers and businesses cite our right-to-work law and having no income tax as primary reasons they move to Tennessee.
  • Don’t skip it! If you vote in the governor’s race and skip any amendment, it counts as a no-vote. If you skip voting in the governor’s race and vote on any amendment, your vote WILL count.
  • A YES vote will ensure that right-to-work is a fundamental right in Tennessee for generations and protect you and your workers’ freedom of association.

Avoid the noise:

  • Some opponents are calling right-to-work “fire at will,” but RTW has NOTHING to do with our employment-at-will doctrine.
  • A few opponents are misreading the language on the ballot. The language is the EXACT language in state statute, which has stood the test of time for 75 years.

Know the myths vs. facts. Learn more at Vote YES on 1! Early voting ends Thursday, Nov. 3. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.

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