READ: “Overregulation Is the Real ‘Death Star’ for Texans”

Date: May 18, 2023

In an op-ed for The Eagle, NFIB member & small business owner Tom Kenney urges Texas Legislature to send HB2127 to Governor Abbott

BRYAN (May 18, 2023) – “Under pressure from stormtroopers, also known as environmental and labor advocacy groups, city councils have gone outside their lanes to pass sweeping ordinances,” writes NFIB member and small business owner Tom Kenney in an op-ed for The Eagle. “Asking mom-and-pop shops to keep up with every ordinance passed across more than 1,200 municipalities — on top of state and federal regulations — is akin to carbon-freezing local job creators. The regulatory inconsistency is paralyzing, making it harder to do business across the galaxy of our state.”

Opponents of the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act have described the measure as the ‘Death Star Bill.’ In the op-ed, Kenney notes that overregulation is the real ‘Death Star’ to Texas small businesses.

CLICK HERE to read the full op-ed. Excerpts are below.

Texas needs regulatory consistency

The Eagle
May 15, 2023
By: Tom Kennney

Opponents to the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act — namely city regulators — have dubbed the bill the “Death Star Bill.” […] Introduced by Rep. Dustin Burrows, R-Lubbock, and Sen. Brandon Creighton, R-Conroe, the bill would ensure small business owners have greater certainty in the regulatory landscape of our great state. […]

Regrettably, far too many members of the media have taken the side of city regulators, suggesting that the bill would strip cities of their power, undermine pioneering public service, and cause confusion for city and county officials. But nothing is said about the patchwork of overregulation, which is the real “Death Star” for Texas job creators — threatening our businesses and livelihoods. […]

Imagine if you owned a plumbing or air conditioning business in College Station and you had a service call in Bryan. If Bryan requires different labor laws than College Station, a business would not be in compliance in one city or the other. Even more, imagine if you are Southwest Airlines flying to different cities in Texas and each city requires different labor laws for flight attendants and pilots.

Let’s face it, some city councils in Texas will pass laws that defy logic, reason and common sense. […]

Job creators have little patience for the lament of city officials who fear this bill would cause some confusion. Unlike when a handful of cities passed a paid leave ordinance and small business owners were left in a tailspin, these officials have attorneys and compliance offers at their disposal to determine the bill’s ramifications. […]

We need a regulatory environment that is fair and consistent so that we can grow our business and contribute to the state’s economy. […]  The Texas Legislature must side with the Rebel Alliance and stand up for small business owners by sending the Texas Regulatory Consistency Act to Gov. Abbott for his swift signature.


The Texas Regulatory Consistency Act was approved by the House on a bipartisan basis in April, before passing the Senate this week. NFIB and local job creators testified before both the House and Senate in support of the bill, with one NFIB member saying: “We need the protection of the state, when it comes to cities telling us how to run our businesses.”

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