NFIB Ohio PAC Joins Business Groups in Endorsing Kennedy, DeWine and Fischer for Supreme Court

Date: June 27, 2022

Ohio’s business community relies on a predictable and consistent Supreme Court

The NFIB Ohio PAC joined other business groups at the Lima Maker Space today to announce their endorsement of Sharon Kennedy for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court and Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.

In a joint statement, the NFIB Ohio PAC, the Ohio Business Roundtable PAC, the Ohio Chamber of Commerce PAC, the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation Agriculture for Good Government PAC, and the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association PAC said:  

“Ohio’s business community relies on a predictable and consistent Supreme Court, as it allows companies, both small and large, to plan and grow for the future. Justices Kennedy, DeWine, and Fischer are the candidates the business community believes Ohio needs to protect our Supreme Court from judicial activism that leads to unpredictability. If we fail to protect any one of these candidates, Ohio will be in grave danger of damaging its national economic competitiveness.

“The 2022 election cycle is shaping up to be a pivotal election here in Ohio. Now, more than ever, the Ohio business community must be engaged and share just how important the Ohio Supreme Court is to the economic environment in Ohio. Predictability matters, and together we will work to reelect Sharon Kennedy, Pat DeWine, and Pat Fischer.”

Quote from NFIB Ohio Executive Director Roger Geiger:

“Justice Sharon Kennedy’s commitment to public service and dedication to the state of Ohio has been exemplary. Justice Kennedy truly understands the importance of judicial stability to our state’s economy and the role the court can play as the third co-equal body of government. Under her leadership as Chief Justice, the Ohio Supreme Court will continue in a steadfast, even-handed, and predictable manner.”

“The Ohio small business community is also proudly supporting Justices Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer in their re-election campaigns for the Ohio Supreme Court,” said Geiger. “They have brought a wealth of judicial experience combined with strong records of fairness and impartiality to the Court. They share a philosophy of judicial restraint which lends itself to a stable and predictable legal environment in Ohio.”

“Small business owners remember the days of an activist court that dramatically drove up insurance premiums and workers’ compensation costs by a few who decided to legislate from the bench and circumnavigate the Ohio legislature. Ohio cannot afford to put its economy at risk,” Geiger concluded.

Quote from Ohio Business Roundtable President and CEO Pat Tiberi:

“The Ohio Business Roundtable is proud to announce the endorsement of Justice Sharon Kennedy for Chief Justice, and Justices Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer for reelection to the Ohio Supreme Court.  After a thorough review of their distinguished records, it Is apparent to our members that the three Justices have been stalwarts in respecting the separation of powers and protecting all Ohioans from judicial activism.  As companies continue to look at Ohio to locate and expand their footprints, our members believe the election of Justices Kennedy, DeWine and Fischer is the best way forward in ensuring Ohio remains the ideal state in which to live, work, and succeed.”

Quote from Ohio Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Steve Stivers:

“The Ohio Chamber of Commerce fights every day to make Ohio the best state in the country to do business and it is critical that the leaders of our state are doing the same. To attract businesses and talent to Ohio we need a dependable Supreme Court. Justices Pat DeWine, Pat Fischer and Sharon Kennedy have exercised invaluable stable and fair legal judgment, which is why we are proud to support them this election. Despite Ohio’s current pro-business majority in the legislature, the wrong Supreme Court justices could be disastrous to the economic climate in our state.”

Quote from Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Adam Sharp:

“In a time of so much uncertainty in our agricultural markets, our supply chains and food channels, Ohio’s agriculture community needs a consistent Ohio Supreme Court. Ohio Farm Bureau’s Agriculture for Good Government PAC is proud to support Justices DeWine and Fischer in their re-election efforts and Justice Kennedy in her candidacy for Chief Justice as they have a strong record of ruling in support of private property rights and a rational regulatory environment, while maintaining a stable and predictable judicial system.”

Quote from Ohio Manufacturers’ Association President Ryan Augsburger:

“The court can and does have a tremendous impact on the business climate in Ohio. In their first six-year terms, Justices Pat DeWine and Patrick Fischer have demonstrated – through their fairness, impartiality, and judicial restraint – they are the right choice for Ohio’s manufacturing competitiveness. The OMA-PAC is also supporting Sharon Kennedy for chief justice based on her service of nearly a decade in which she has upheld the Ohio Constitution by strictly interpreting the law, not legislating from the bench.”


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