Tell Albany to Reject Unworkable Temperature-Regulation Mandates

Date: June 04, 2024

New York is considering legislation that would mandate employers implement new heat protection standards, with fines if employers do not adhere to rigid requirements and reporting.

This proposal’s requirements go far beyond what is feasible for a small business owner. Anyone who knows a small business owner or has seen a small business in action understands that the owner is often performing multiple job duties at one time, especially if short staffed. This legislation would force a small business owner to be with everyone, everywhere, all at once. This is impossible and would bring business to a halt.

Most employers already provide potable water, breaks, and shaded areas to employees working in extreme heat. Federal OSHA standards also mandate some protection. However, the state wants more. Many small businesses cannot hire an increased workforce to reduce exposure, postpone projects until the weather cools to below 80 degrees, rotate their full workforce, or spend their valuable time complying with unworkable mandates.

This legislation is a burden to small businesses who cannot take much more. Tell your lawmakers to oppose this proposal and keep small businesses operational!

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