Iowa PAC Announces Endorsements

Date: October 19, 2022

The political action committee for Iowa’s largest and leading small-business association, NFIB, publicized its endorsements of candidates running for a seat in the Iowa legislature as well as statewide offices.

“All the candidates we endorse have an appreciation of the fact that small businesses are not smaller versions of big businesses,” said Matt Everson, NFIB State Director in Iowa. “The candidates that our NFIB PAC chooses to endorse understand how the policies they enact into law impact small business owners on a day-to-day basis. During debate or deliberation, they understand that what they vote on could make a huge difference in a rule, regulation, or tax.”


The following are the NFIB Iowa’s PAC endorsements:



Kim Reynolds


State Treasurer:


                     Roby Smith


State Senate:


District 4       Tim Kraayenbrink

District 5       David Rowley

District 6       Jason Schultz

District 9       Tom Shipley

District 11     Julian Garrett

District 14     Jake Chapman

District 19     Ken Rozenboom

District 23     Jack Whitver

District 27     Annette Sweeney

District 30     Waylon Brown*

District 33     Carrie Koelker

District 35     Chris Cournoyer

District 44     Adrian Dickey*

District 46     Dawn Driscoll


State House:


District 3       Thomas Jeneary

District 4       Skyler Wheeler

District 6       Megan Jones*

District 7       Mike Sexton*

District 8       Ann Meyer

District 9       Henry Stone

District 10     John Wills

District 11     Brian Best*

District 12     Steven Holt

District 14     Jacob Bossman

District 15     Matt Windschitl

District 16     David Sieck*

District 18     Thomas Moore

District 21     Brooke Boden

District 22     Stan Gustafson

District 23     Ray “Bubba” Sorensen

District 24     Joel Fry

District 38     Jon Dunwell

District 42     Garrett Gobble  

District 43     Eddie Andrews

District 45     Brian Lohse

District 47     Carter Nordman  

District 48     Phil Thompson

District 51     Dave Deyoe*

District 53     Dean Fisher*

District 55     Shannon Latham

District 57     Pat Grassley

District 60     Jane Bloomingdale

District 63     Michael Bergan

District 64     Anne Osmundson

District 65     Shannon Lundgren

District 66     Steven Bradley

District 68     Chad Ingels

District 70     Norlin Mommsen

District 82     Bobby Kaufman

District 84     Thomas Gerhold

District 87     Jeff Shipley  

District 93     Gary Mohr

District 96     Mark Cisneros




District 21     Mike Bousselot

District 40     Kris Gulick




District 28     David Young

District 37     Barb Kniff McCulla*

District 40     Bill Gustoff *

District 67     Craig Williams

District 83     Cindy Golding*


* Indicates NFIB member

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