NFIB California in the News 2022

Date: December 27, 2022

Spreading the small-business message throughout the state and across the nation.

The following is a sample of 2022 media coverage about NFIB California’s small-business agenda. This story will be updated as new stories are published. Click here to see a collection of 2021 media hits, and click here to see a collection of 2019-2020 media hits.

  • Southern California Record, December 16—Beth Milito, executive director of the NFIB Small Business Legal Center, discusses predatory litigation and lawsuit abuse of the Americans with Disability Act and a Carmichael, California, attorney accused of not reporting settlement income.
  • Northern California Record, November 8—Story about NFIB’s Voting Record asks the question why so few lawmakers supported Main Street enterprises.
  • The Vista Press, October 26—NFIB’s voting record giving Sen. Brian Jones a 100% rating mentioned by online news site.
  • Citizens Journal, October 11—Online news service for Ventura County publishes NFIB’s news release opposing Proposition 30.
  • Bloomberg Law, October 4—Story on new leave laws quotes NFIB California State Director John Kabateck.
  • Northern California Record, September 21—NFIB comments on bills still awaiting Gov. Gavin Newsom’s action and what might his is signing of AB 257 portend for them.
  • Southern California Record, September 12—Governor Newsom’s signing of a bill taking wage and workplace decisions out of the hands of fast-food franchisees and giving them to a news state agency to decide is just the beginning to the state inserting itself into other industries, argues State Director John Kabateck in this story.
  • Capitol Weekly, August 24—The California Privacy Protection Act is off and running and could wind up a train wreck, opines State Director John Kabateck in this guest editorial.
  • The Center Square, August 9—State Director John Kabateck comments for a story on what California’s failure to get a grip on its unemployment trust fund deficit will cost small-business owners.
  • Mottek on Money, KABC, July 18—Holly Wade, executive director of NFIB’s Research Center, interviewed about consumer confidence and small-business closures.
  • The Wall Street Journal, July 11—State Director John Kabateck gives his reason why California hasn’t seriously paid down or off its unemployment insurance loan to the federal government.
  • CalMatters, July 1—State Director John Kabateck comments on the failure of a proposed initiative to raise the state’s minimum-wage rate to $18 an hour to make the November ballot.
  • Southern California Record, June 7—State Director John Kabateck commends Gov. Gavin Newsom for committing $4 billion for small businesses in his proposed 2022-2023 state budget.
  • Southern California Record, May 27—Karen Harned, executive director of NFIB’s Small Business Legal Center, discusses the legal abuse of the Americans With Disabilities Act, which is especially pronounced in California.
  • Southern California Record, May 18—State Director John Kabateck warns of dire economic consequences if California miscalculates on its plan to reduce carbon emission.
  • The Center Square California, May 13—State Director John Kabateck comments on a ballot initiative seeking to raise California’s minimum-wage rate to $18 an hour.
  • Los Angeles Times, May 12—Story about state increasing its minimum-wage rate sooner than expected includes quote from State Director John Kabateck.
  • Santa Barbara News-Press, May 12—State Director John Kabateck comments on the California Air Resources Board’s draft climate action plan for a Center Square story syndicated to its subscribers.
  • Northern California Record, May 9—NFIB’s special inflation survey received coverage in a story that looks at the California angle.
  • Northern California Record, March 29—State Director John Kabateck discusses the need for decisive action on legislative bills of importance to small business.
  • Southern California Record, March 14—Online news media asks State Director John Kabateck for more detail on his news release calling for solutions to skyrocketing gas prices. “Suspending the gas tax for a designated term as we try to see ourselves through this terrible war and the unforeseen impacts of the lingering effects of COVID would have been the responsible and right thing to do.”
  • CalMatters, March 2—In a story about the “vaccine working group” of state legislators and the eight bills they are trying to pass, State Director John Kabateck is quoted about one in particular.
  • Northern California Record, February 22—NFIB’s position on the state’s consideration of mask mandates and vaccination requirements is included in story.
  • Capitol Weekly, February 21—State Director John Kabateck penned a guest editorial warning of the consequences of Assembly Bill 257, which seeks to eliminate the fast-food franchise model in the state.
  • Southern California Record, February 16—State Director John Kabateck discusses the effect Senate Bill 114, which extends paid sick leave in COVID cases, will have on small businesses.
  • CBS 13 Sacramento, February 9—State Director John Kabateck interviewed about the staffing shortages small-business owners are grappling with.
  • CalMatters, February 8—NFIB member Jim Relles says he’s glad a new COVID-19 paid leave mandate passed by the Legislature doesn’t apply to businesses of his size.
  • The Epoch Times, February 7—NFIB’s comments on package of paid COVID-19 leave bills included in a national story.
  • Northern California Record, January 31—NFIB’s thoughts on the single-payer health care bill, AB 1400, are reported in this story.
  • The Sacramento Bee, January 25—State Director John Kabateck said a better policy direction for the state to take in mandating more sick leave would have been to use some of the state’s surplus to pay for it.
  • Southern California Record, January 24—NFIB reminds legislators that passage of Assembly Bill 247 would give small businesses some badly needed protection against unfair COVID lawsuits.
  • Southern California Record, January 17—State Director John Kabateck lays out the cost of implementing a single-payer, health-care system in California.
  • The Sacramento Bee, January 13—NFIB comments on the coming payroll tax increases to pay for the unemployment insurance trust fund loans California borrowed from the federal government for a story syndicated in the McClatchy network of dailies, including The Fresno Bee, The Modesto Bee, and the San Luis Obispo Tribune.
  • KPCC 89.3 FM Radio, Los Angeles, January 10—State John Kabateck is one of the guests on Air Talk with Larry Mantle discussing what the universal health-care plans means for California businesses.
  • Northern California Record, January 10—NFIB gives some examples of the regulatory relief it would like to see come out of the Legislature.
  • LAist, January 10—State Director John Kabateck talks to reporter Sameea Kamal of CalMatters about calls to reinstate the paid sick leave program for COVID cases that expired last September.
  • The Epoch Times, January 1—NFIB is quoted in a story about California’s new minimum-wage rate.

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