Alaska Small Business Releases Top 2021 Legislative Priorities

Date: January 20, 2021

Members of NFIB in Alaska Say Liability Reform is Top Issue

The National Federation of Independent Business, or NFIB, released its top legislative priorities.

Here’s NFIB’s top issues for the 2021 Alaska legislative session:

“Here’s the situation in Juneau: on the first day of session, the House has yet to organized and until they do, the legislature will be unable to do its part to address the needs of small business or the economy at large.” said Thor Stacey, NFIB State Director in Alaska. “Our members are working extra hard to keep their doors open during a pandemic. Over and over troubling stories percolate up about long-term businesses failing as a result of the serious economic slowdown wrought by the pandemic. Our mom and pop shops need to know that following government health mandates protects them from opportunistic litigators during these challenging times. Sadly many small businesses are one frivolous lawsuit away from closing up and laying their workers off forever.” 


  1. Liability Protections for Alaska small business owners: Liability Protection is one of the key issues expected to come up in the 2021 Alaska Legislative Session that begins today, January 19. At a time when many Alaska small business owners are on the brink of shutting their doors for good, it is imperative that lawmakers take this important step to protect our mom and pop shops from frivolous lawsuits. A recent NFIB survey found that if economic conditions do not improve in the next six months, one in four small business owners will go under.


  1. Support rapid allocation of COVID relief money to small business. Advocating for direct financial stimulus for small business owners who own businesses that have been singled out as a result of the pandemic is a priority this legislative session.


  1. Support replenishment of direct costs incurred by the pandemic to the unemployment insurance trust fund: Unemployment in Alaska is close to or above an all-time high thanks to economically devastating government health mandates. The balance of the unemployment insurance trust fund has declined by 40% in just the past year. 


  1. Support replenishment of funds to workers compensation to cover pandemic costs: Workers who contract COVID on the job are covered by worker’s compensation. Workers Compensation rates will likely increase for our hard-working small business owners this year. NFIB is monitoring and looking for solutions that prevent small businesses from paying increases.


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