2021 Vermont Victories and Challenges

Date: March 23, 2021



Defeated $70M Payroll Tax to Fund Mandated Paid Leave 

The House and Senate have both discussed proposals that would impose a payroll tax to fund a paid and medical leave insurance program. The Senate proposal would have imposed a 0.20% tax to be split by employer and employee and the House proposal would have imposed a 0.53% tax on workers. 


Defeated $15 Minimum Wage 

Legislation was introduced, debated, and passed the House to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  NFIB prevented it from being considered further by the Vermont Senate. 


Defeated 38-cent Gas Tax 

An amendment to a miscellaneous transportation bill would have required Vermont to join the Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI).  The result of Vermont joining TCI would have been a 38- cent per gallon tax on hard working Vermonters and small businesses who are dependent upon the transportation of their goods and services.  






 $10 Million in Grants to Help Small Business Recover from the COVID Pandemic 

NFIB continues to push the Legislature to support Governor Scott’s FY21 Budget Adjustment proposal that would provide $10M in funding for small businesses.  


Unemployment Insurance Relief 

NFIB is strongly opposed to increases in unemployment taxes on employers as they weren’t responsible for the forced layoffs or the depletion of the state’s unemployment trust fund. 


Limiting Liability 

NFIB will continue to fight to protect small businesses from COVID related legal challenges.  Most businesses followed the state’s Covid safety requirements and protocols.  Unwarranted and unnecessary lawsuits surrounding the pandemic would only serve to harm small business. 


Paid Family & Medical Leave Insurance Program Funded with Payroll Tax 

Legislation continues to be pushed that would establish an insurance program funded with a payroll tax to provide paid leave and medical leave.  NFIB will continue to oppose this and other small business-related mandates. 


Minimum Wage Increase to $15 

Annually, legislation is introduced to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. NFIB will continue to oppose public policy proposals intended to artificially increases wages. 


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