NFIB’s Small Business Growth Agenda for the 117th Congress

Date: March 31, 2021

5 Small Business Priorities

NFIB works to amplify the voices of small and independent business owners in the public policy issues that affect them. As a small business owner, you serve as the crucial link that securely holds America’s economy together in good times and bad. Small businesses are America’s job creators.

Each year this powerful network of small business grassroots activists send their views to federal and state lawmakers through NFIB’s member-only “one member, one vote” ballot process and NFIB Research. NFIB’s latest members-only federal issues ballot launched last week. If you’re a member of NFIB, log in and vote your ballot today on or the NFIB mobile app. The results of our member ballots and member research guide NFIB’s policy positions and make NFIB a member-driven and research-backed organization.

In NFIB’s work with Congress, we’re focused on 5 top priorities:

1. Small Business Recovery – NFIB supports efforts to help small businesses recover from the public health and economic crisis because the overall economy cannot thrive without a robust small business economic recovery. NFIB opposes unrelated small business mandates that threaten the small business economic recovery.

NFIB Members Said: An NFIB study from December 2020 showed there was an urgent need for additional financial assistance legislation. One-in-four (25%) small business owners reported they will have to close their doors if poor economic conditions did not improve over the next six months.

2. Taxes – NFIB advocates to protect small business owners from tax increases, make the small business and individual portions of the tax code permanent, and simplify the tax code.

NFIB Members Said: As NFIB’s Small Business Problems and Priorities reports have noted repeatedly throughout the decades, taxes remain a top concern for small business owners.

3. Labor – NFIB opposes expanding and extending burdensome mandates and overzealous regulatory enforcement on small business owners.

NFIB Members Said: In a recent NFIB Member Ballot, 92% of small business owner members opposed increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour. An NFIB study estimates the bill would result in more than 1.6 million jobs lost; 900,000 of the job losses (57%) would come from small businesses.

4. Regulations – NFIB supports proposals to reform the regulatory process by strengthening small business input and opposes adding new regulatory burdens on small businesses.

NFIB Members Said: Recent NFIB Member Ballots show 79% of NFIB members agree that employers should not be required to recognize unions by way of signed authorization cards, 73% of NFIB members support a national right-to-work law, and 95% of NFIB members believe small businesses should be able to hire independent contractors to perform tasks essential to their business.

5. Healthcare – NFIB supports affordable, flexible, and predictable health insurance options for small business owners and employees.

NFIB Members Said: According to the NFIB’s 2020 Small Business Problems and Priorities report, the cost of health insurance is the number one small-business problem, a position it has held for almost 40 years. Moreover, 51% of small business owners cite the issue as critical, generally unchanged since implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

For more details on each of the five priorities, read the complete Growth Agenda here.

NFIB newest members-only Federal Issues Ballot is now available with a selection of major issues that matter to Main Street. This ballot will not only drive NFIB’s legislative and regulatory priorities, it will help NFIB hold lawmakers accountable and pressure them to put small business first.

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