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  • Pass Mandatory Drug Testing for All Social Programs

    Social programs are intended to help people during their time of need, not to subsidize drug use. Most employers require a clean drug test to get a job. So passing drug testing for all social programs will limit their use to those who are unable to work or are truly in between jobs.

    Reduce or Eliminate the Personal Property Tax on Businesses

    Business owners pay taxes on the income they use to buy office equipment, furniture and fixtures. Then they are taxed when they purchase the items. Local governments should not also be able to tax the ownership of these items as well. That is why we are working to reduce or eliminate the overly burdensome personal property tax for businesses.

    Reduce or Eliminate Tax Penalties for Unintentional Tax Errors

    Taxes should be paid when due. However, sometimes business owners have to amend their tax returns due to accounting errors, or even fraud and theft by employees. When a business owner voluntarily pays the government more in taxes they should not also pay penalties and interest

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